Eshu & Motoko

a unique collaboration

Motoko's "A Year in Japan" book/CD set gives your students a cornucopia of activities including songs, art projects, stories and festivals relating to Japanese Culture. Click here for more information on how you can get your copy or even better, how you can get Motoko to your school!








Stories from Asia and Africa

Eshu and Motoko shine up a storytelling event wherever they appear. Though diverse in style and culture, they blend and tell as one. Absolutely charming, they bring humor, a sense of drama, a talent for singing, and present a seamless performance. At the Connecticut Storytelling Festival where they recently appeared you could have heard a pin drop!

Peg O’Sullivan, Connecticut Storytelling Center

Two nationally acclaimed storytellers join forces to help communities celebrate diversity of cultures through world folktales, original narratives, and music. Eshu, a winner of the Storytelling World Award, specializes in tales and songs from Africa and the Diaspora, leavened with humor and mystery. Parents’ Choice Award winner Motoko blends her hilarious and poignant tales with exquisite mime movements. With nearly 50 years of combined experiences performing in schools, libraries, theaters, and festivals, Motoko and Eshu offer a unique collaboration between cultures, entertaining audiences of all ages.

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